Labour is dead. Long live Labour.

Ben Bruges
4 min readJul 22, 2021

Dear Socialist Campaign Group, the Labour left and British socialists of all kind,

NOW is the time to set up a new socialist mass membership party on a firm, democratic foundation true to the founding aims of 1900: to represent working people, to stand with them in struggle, for the many not the few.

This isn’t the place to go through the long list of Starmer’s failings. The short version is he ‘played left’ to get elected before breaking every one of his pledges; concealed the source of his funding and tricked members; was the architect of 2019 failure over Brexit; paid out £600,000 to avoid a court case that his own legal advisers said the party would likely win; suspended the previous leader, then re-suspended the whip; closed down and expelled local parties and locally elected chair people etc for having the temerity to want to discuss it; alienated BLM and then Muslim members; and now has started on a whole-scale expulsion of the left having previously removed left members of the shadow cabinet.

Setting up a new party means we’ll lose some family silver — but Starmer has spaffed all that away anyway: he has financially and morally bankrupted the party. Losing the duplicitous full-timers, I’m afraid to say, simply removes a rotten cancer at the heart of the Labour movement. No loss. Our membership would dwarf Starmer-Labour — my prediction — within a month. And we campaign in the unions for affiliation as quickly as possible.

Corbyn has been blocked from being a Labour MP for 8 months now and the SCG has done precisely…. nothing. So now, are you going to watch as your own base is expelled from the party?

This is the time to act.

This is the moment the SCG need to resign the whip en mass and stage one by-election each month until they have all been re-elected honourably in the name of the new party. The ‘broad church’ on the terms of the right wing has failed — they actively worked against Labour getting elected. We expel them by setting up a new party. They have lost any right they ever had to represent working people.

And I don’t mean every member has to believe this or that. I mean every member has to strive to improve things for working people. That’s it. The one criteria we can agree on and the one test that centrists and careerists fail.

The SCG kick that off, and I promise the Labour left, plus union activists, plus alienated and expelled…

Ben Bruges

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