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Happy New 2021?

Ben Bruges
2 min readJan 1, 2021


2020 showed that we can’t rely on the government, even to take the basic action needed to protect us all. The scum even made money for their mates through a pandemic. There can be little that’s more despicable than that.

… and please can we end with this, “at least 2021 will be better”? It won’t. Even as a hope that’s self-defeating. We need long term energy to fight for survival. You know enough about climate change and rapacious capitalism to know that health, inequality, and the climate will get remorselessly worse until the people control their destiny rather than the billionaires, their lapdog politicians, and churnalists.

There’s a hard-won joy in seeing people starting to organise at a grassroots level. In international and local attempts to create independent media. In initiatives to providing solutions to things govt can’t or, more accurately, doesn’t want to solve, like child hunger.

I want your solidarity.

I don’t want your love or your best wishes or thoughts. I want your solidarity. Solidarity with the victims of covid, of the badly-served school children, the homeless, the jobless, those without hope. And solidarity with our only home, the Earth itself.

Happy new year. Next year we get stronger, more connected, more organised, or we go under.




Ben Bruges

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